Friday, August 19, 2011

Welcome to the good life... 8/18/11

Well, traveling from state to state, from field to field can definitely provide for some dead zones… so, sorry for the delay in blog posting. But you can’t say we didn’t try: we moved to every corner of the room, and even tried typing in random passwords for those few locked wireless networks :)

So let’s get back on track…

Late Tuesday afternoon, we arrived at the beautiful Rollie McDaniel household in Arvada, CO. It was great spending time
Uncle Rollie, Aunt Gayle, Sam, Jake, and Alex. Because we live so far away, every time we see them it seems like it has been forever, and of course the kiddos just grow up J. Sam is now into kick boxing and iCarly, Jake is into football and hockey, and Alex is into flower hair clips and karate. The best thing though, was that Sam, Jake, and Allie (J&A being the other set of McDaniel twins) were only quiet for about a half hour… I think that was the shortest “getting warmed up” time period ever! And, that was great since we only had till the next day with them. We cousins had some quality hang out time :-)… we played trampoline-jumping games, played cards, played the Wii, and watched Beethoven’s 2nd. We had a blast, and as I always am after spending time with family, I wish we could’ve had more time, and I wish we lived closer! Love you guys!
On Wednesday, we ate lunch at Cable’s (“Where Friends Meet” – their motto…haha) in Fort Morgan (no, not Fort Marshall you Army Wives fans :-)). We had a pretty awesome burger and despite the town’s monument being surrounded by trash bins, it was an interesting little pit stop. About mid
 afternoon, we arrived in Ogallala, NE at Grandma & Grandpa Siffring’s house (Dad’s mom and dad). It was great being at their house again… we got caught up on all the things that happened since June (when they were in CA for our graduation) and then before we knew it Dad was grilling the meat and Uncle Neil’s family joined us from Wray, CO. I was so nervous because I hadn’t seen this part of the family in 8 years (not to mention, that I still hadn’t met the youngest member of the entire McDaniel family—little Mary)! But everything was so great, and there was no reason to be nervous. Paul is quite the worker, fixing up old cars and waking up early to get the trucks ready to go (oh, and he’s so tall now!). James, quite the football fan sure has grown up since last time we saw him. He mows 10 lawns a week. :-) Laura, quite the young lady, is going to nursing school, trained to be an EMT, and now works at the Hospital… wow! Mary, who was very shy with us (but I think I would be too if I was meeting my big cousins for the first time ever—and it’s too bad, we only had a couple hours together… she may have warmed up if we had more time), loves her bracelets and has started to play the piano. Anyways, like I said before, I wish we could’ve had more time with this side of the family… especially now that most of us are older, I feel like we’d get along so well, and be friends as well as family.

This morning, we had breakfast with G&G and then headed on the highway to SEWARD! Once we arrived, we stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up a few things (thanks for the gift cards everyone… we used them all!) Then, after posing for a few pictures by the Seward City sign, we drove on to Lincoln to do a little more shopping and eat dinner at Granite City. Tonight, I realized it was the 5th night in a row that I had eaten red meat for dinner… haha, I must be in NE.

a nail shop in Lincoln :)
Well, we are sitting in the basement at the Preuss’s house now in the midst of a thunderstorm and under the threat of a possible tornado… don’t waste time worrying, just pray (haha-just kidding). No really, we are just fine… the tornado probably won’t even hit, and we’ll sleep through the storm. What you can pray for however is that our nerves are calmed and that we’ll have a successful moving day tomorrow. Whoa… tomorrow.

Mom and Dad sang to us "Jesus Savior Wash Away" and "Dear Father in Heaven"... last time for a long time. We cried.

Then, Mom gave us custom necklaces by Michele Busch that says "shine." When we were little Mom sang "You Are My Sunshine" to us every morning before she'd leave for work...
She wants us to remember to "shine." Love you, Mom and Dad!
Good night!
Miss you, California…

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