Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hello, again!

Well it's obviously been a long time since our last post... I think it's safe to say that college was keeping us busy! We've still been blogging though, at least we were for part of second semester :) Click here to read all about our Medical Mission Trip to Guatemala!

Scott and Travis road tripped with us home after we finished finals, and after a short couple weeks of doing all sorts of things (showing Travis around, camping with friends, and just vegging), we are now working full time. This summer Amy and I are both at Concordia University, Irvine... we are doing lots of random jobs, but it is mostly office help in the Student Affairs Office. I’m also a private Math tutor this summer, so if you know someone who needs a math tutor… let me know!
 Our friend from Concordia, Brittany, is coming out at the end of the month and we couldn't be more excited!! 16 days and counting :) And, at the end of the summer, before we head back to school, we'll be taking a mini vacation to Palm Springs with some longtime family friends.

Jen and Dad are on the road to CA as we speak... Jen had her last day of teaching in Michigan last week, when Dad met up with her to help make the trip home. She is sad to be leaving, but excited for her new adventure teaching high school math and coaching JV girls basketball at Faith Lutheran in Vegas, with Jon. She and Dad are going to visit some good friends and family on the way home... wish I could too!
Jon finished his third year of teaching, and he's keeping busy, probably out on the golf course with the guys right now.

Amy and I just finished our sophomore year at Concordia, Nebraska... it's crazy to think we are half way done with college! We had so much fun with friends this year… I’m already looking forward to next year. If I've heard correctly, college just keeps getting better every year :)

Amy got a boyfriend, we learned how to dig our car out of the snow after a blizzard, we went to Guatemala, Papa Jim went to heaven, Jen got a call to Vegas, I wrote my first 25 page paper, went to 2 country concerts in 2 months, passed Calc III, went to a friend's farm, auditioned for A Capella choir again (won't hear if we made it until August), strengthened friendships, and grew in my faith.

Well, that's all for now... I should probably get back to work :) But, we'll try our best to keep this going... Amy, you're up for the next post!

Cheers to summer nights and good times!

Friday, November 30, 2012

So it's almost Christmas... 26 days and counting :) 
and here is a shout out to two of my favorite songs for the week...

Sara Bareilles - Winter Song
Bum bum bum bum, bum bum bum bum
Bum bum, bum bum bum bum
Bum bum, bum bum bum bum
This is my winter song to you

N*SYNC - Merry Christmas
It's a wonderful feeling
Feel the love in the room 
From the floor to the ceiling
It's that time of year
Christmastime is here
And with the blessings from above
God sends you His love
And everything's okay
Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays
So please give these two a listen... especially the N*SYNC one- I don't like how people automatically dis N*SYNC.... they are awesome. They are from the 90's. You can't go wrong.

So it's a little weird because I was just home for Thanksgiving & am feeling homesick already. It is really great being back with friends though--and before I know it, we'll be back in CA and I will be missing everyone out here. 
Next weekend is Christmas at Concordia-our big concert weekend, then it's "dead week" and then.....FINALS! 
I'm still not exactly sure about the term "dead week"- I guess it is supposed to mean you won't have any homework? but that was not the case last I don't know haha....I think I was more brain dead that week than anything.
Then finals week... in my opinion-not bad at all... sure the tests aren't my favorite but most of my classes' finals aren't cumulative and they'll maybe take 1 hour. So it leaves lots of time to hang out with friends (and maybe play in the snow?!) 

Just got back from strolling around Seward with Anna and Brittany... the lights are looking so pretty! I love this time of year!! 

So... give N*SYNC's Christmas album a listen....  you won't regret it!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Midsemester - Sophomore year

I know it's been way too long since our last post, but I think it's obvious that we've been a bit busy! 
Time management is the name of the game... trying to balance studies, activities, work, RA stuff, and social time can be a bit overwhelming, but we're making it work!

Sweatshirt weather is here!! We love it... the wind can get a little crazy now and then, but it's definitely Fall. The trees didn't have as much color as they normally do, but apparently that is because of the drought (btw, I've never seen corn look so bad), but it is much more color than we see in the trees of California! It's starting to feel like winter though! I don't think we'll see warm temperatures for a long while... we had a little snow the other day! Lots of people are saying we are going to have a bad winter, but I'm also hearing that it's going to be a mild one... we'll just have to wait and see!

It was so nice having Mom and Dad out here for Homecoming! Home doesn't seem so far when family is in town :) Mom and Dad enjoyed getting to know our friends better and they sure spoiled us!
Our friend Mason visited on Homecoming too... it was so good to see him! That night we went bowling with the gang and just had some quality time with friends :)

Our hall from last year got together again to make a flag football team... we had a good run, but didn't make it to the championship. Our coaches this year were Theo, Glen, and Adam... these guys are awesome! They made play books, coordinated practices, and genuinely care about us girls. :)

Fall break couldn't have come at a better time! One day off seems way too short, but the long weekend was awesome. We drove up to Minnesota to spend the weekend with Brittany's family. We slept in, ate yummy home cooked meals, shopped at the Mall of America, made a trip up to Wisconsin to see Brittany's Grandparents' new lake front cabin, and went to Brittany's church. My favorite part of the weekend was definitely just having family time... Brittany's siblings and parents are so great! We felt right at home at Brittany's, and we are looking forward to the next time we can visit!

Jen's coming out this weekend and WE ARE SO EXCITED!! It's actually Family Weekend here at CUNE so it's cool that it worked out for her to be here :)

Classes are going pretty well... Calc 2 is tough (always lots of homework... constantly trying to play catch up), Psy 101 is pretty interesting (right now we are studying identical twins and that's cool especially since Amy and I have been working a lot with the USC twin study - we go back to USC for the study during Thanksgiving break!), Studies in the Life of Christ has been great (I'm learning a lot, and the theology professors are just awesome here), Global Issues is well an easy A, but a pretty boring class, Women's Chorale is good (we're getting ready for Christmas at Concordia; reserve your free ticket starting Thursday Nov. 1 on the CUNE music webpage), Art 101 has been a little challenging, but at the same time really fun (right now we are doing ceramics and it keeps reminding me of Aunt Cathy and her amazing pottery skills!), and voice lessons are great (we love our professor Stephanie!).

We've been blessed with many new friendships this year, and love all the time we get to spend with our besties. Seriously college would be so boring if it wasn't for friends... we're always "making memories." It's been awesome having a car here at school, too... we go to Lincoln about every weekend, and we never need to worry about finding a ride :) Last weekend we saw Argo... it was so good! I definitely recommend you seeing it! We've gone swing/line dancing too - way fun! - and we plan to go again soon!

Football season is coming to a close, with last weekend as the last home game, and now only two games left in the season. We are planning to attend the last game... I just can't believe the season is almost over! It's also bulldog Volleyball season and it's been so fun cheering on our girl Amanda Abbott! She's so good. no lie. However, it's now my favorite time of year... basketball season!! We are excited for the bulldog bball games, CIT, and of course, we're all about the LAKESHOW! We had disappointing loss to the Mavs, but just take a look at our starting 5... amazing, 'nuf said.

Friends back home... we miss you lots... we love hearing from you and can't wait to see you during Thanksgiving break! Friends attending different schools... hope your semester is going well... come visit! Jon, Mom, Dad, and Jen... 2 months and then we'll all be together again. Looking forward to it. Love you!

Well, I should probably get some sleep... "sleep? what's that?" - RA joke
Talk to you soon!
Love, Anna

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sophomore year so far...

So right now we are driving out to Hastings for an away Bulldogs football game and I was thinking that it has been too long since our last post....

These first few weeks of school have been busy, busy but good! Right before school started, I was a WOW (weekend of welcome) leader which was a lot fun! The best part was making friends and spending time with people that I normally don't get to spend a lot of time with.
Now that school is off & running...I seem to be learning a lot but the homework load is HUGE. Lots of reading & reflecting and projects are already piling up.
I am in Nurturing the Faith, Psychology, Women's Chorale, Cultural Anthropology, Faith & Life, Voice lessons, and am also a Peer Instructor for a Freshmen Seminar class. It has been fun to be a peer instructor- I think they like me! haha...sometimes it's hard to tell if they look at me as an authority figure or as a peer...but I'm sure as the semester goes on they'll feel more comfortable with me :)
Nurturing the Faith and Faith & Life have been great so far- really cool to be able to have discussions that mean so much to us as Christians with fellow college students. These two classes are already helping me in my faith and it's only been a few weeks, so I am really looking forward to the rest of the semester.
Cultural Anthropology & Psychology are very interesting classes and are definitely reassuring me that I'm in the right major. I love learning about other people and why they do the things they do- I guess I just love learning everyone's story.
Voice and choir are good, as always... Love to sing :)
Brittany and I are having a blast living together! We bunked our beds, got a couch, and have a little tv entertainment unit too. Life is good in David 152!

I really hope the football team gets the win tonight... The last couple games they've had have been tough losses & they just deserve to win, already! The look on the guys' faces last game were just heart breaking- so I'll definitely be cheering them on tonight. I am also excited it's a night game... There is nothing like a football game under the lights :)
Shout out to our girl, AMANDA ABBOTT!!! She was Concordia's Female Athlete of the Week!! So proud of her :) The volleyball team has had some tough losses as well- they are looking great though, and I know they'll bring it this season.

This past week Anna and I received the opportunity to go on a Guatemala Medical Mission Trip with CUNE over Spring break, so keep us in your prayers as we make our decision and as Concordia begins to plan the trip.

Well I think that is it for now... I would post some pictures but I can't right now because I'm blogging from my phone.
But I will soon- pictures are more fun :)

Talk to you guys soon!
Love you & miss you Cali friends!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Last day of work

Hey y'all!

Today was my last day of my summer job at Concordia University- Irvine in the Judicial Affairs-Student Conduct office. Bitter-sweet... I am really going to miss who I worked for. Knowledgeable, generous, caring people- they all taught me so much and like I said on one of my facebook statuses, I love feeling like the people that I work with are making me a better person.

Shout out to Karen & Laurie!! I loved getting to know you two better :) love ya!!

It was also really cool to bump into my dad from time to time at work....I don't think I fully understood all that he did at CUI, but now I can say I at least have a glimpse. Yesterday, it was funny, I walked into one of the executive board meetings in Grimm to give my dad his iPad charger and I felt like I was walking into a meeting with the Commander-in-Chief and top military personnel- it was really legit haha! Lots of smiles and hellos... but still kind of intimidating! :) (If you're ever in Grimm try to take a look in the Board Room... 3rd floor next to the executive suites and you'll see what I mean).

Concordia University Irvine

The sweet part of my summer job being over is that it is just about time for our family cruise!! T-minus 2 days till we fly to Orlando!!!!!! Should be a great trip :) All 6 of us are going and then our friends, Tom, Sheri & Scott are cruising along with us too. We are sure in for a good time.
We'll try to post pictures whenever we can, but it is looking like no cell service & that wi-fi is going to cost money... so we'll see if we get any internet time.

This is how I am feeling right now: I am okay if these couple days leading up to the cruise take forever.... because I know when we get off the ship on August 4th I have to say goodbye to my sister, Jen. <sigh>. <tear>.
Anna and I are hoping to road trip up to her place in Michigan sometime during the school year.... can't wait to see her place in person :)

And yes, I am definitely looking forward to seeing all my Nebraska peeps :) Three weeks, right?

Well that's it for now....I'm off to go work on my tan! ;)

Lots of love,

Friday, July 6, 2012

How to sum up a mission trip?

I can't even begin to describe how great the Alaska Mission trip was!
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the trip we went on, it was a 9 day mission trip with our church through Alaska Mission for Christ Our mission team had 28 people and we went to 2 different sites: Pt. Mackenzie and Big Lake. We taught Vacation Bible School to a total of 46 kids and created some great relationships with the families up there. Lots of our friends who have gone many years in a row look forward to this trip just to see their kiddos every year. This was Anna and my second time going with the Alaska team, but it is Bethany's 9th year sending up missionaries... very cool :)

Here are a few sweet moments from the trip that come to mind...

  • Teaching Aiden & Lukis "Jesus Loves Me" and hearing them pray for everyone they knew.
  • Last team meeting... talking about & sharing our ultimate highs, ultimate lows, something we learned about someone we already knew, something we learned about someone we didn't know, and what we learned about ourselves ;'(
  • Hearing how much the Bethany team means to the Lytle family
  • Seeing Andrew be a big brother to Connor
  • Watching the Ropper girls not want to leave VBS on Friday
  • Watching the Big Lake guys with the Campbell kids
  • Dominick letting Hayden tag him in Island tag
  • Seeing a CUNE buddy, Colin Christensen at St. John's-Palmer
  • A tearful goodbye with the Big Lakers & the Campbell family.

Our itinerary from the trip: 
Mission Alaska Pt. Mackenzie & Big Lake   

Saturday June 23rd
11 AM - Meet at Bethany
Plan lunches for VBS week, practice skits, plan lessons and devotions, divide up jobs, plan sightseeing adventures, make supply lists, practice songs, select Mystery Moose!  Make Moose Bags, create snack list, & plan games. 

Flight Itinerary
Jet Blue- Flight # 500
7:19PM- 11:36PM
Land in ANC, pick up rental SUVs, travel to Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Chugiak (40 min drive)

Sunday, June 24
Breakfast at Our Redeemer
Pick up boxes of supplies that were sent to Our Redeemer
Travel to St. John Lutheran in Palmer (30 minutes)
11 AM- Worship at St. John Lutheran, Palmer
Lunch TBD
Pick up Supplies at Lamb of God Lutheran in Wasilla
Organize and divide Supplies from storage @ Lamb of God
Work at Big Lake and Pt. Mac to set up for the week
Shop for Vacation Bible School Supplies 
Sight see the surrounding areas- Pt Mackenzie prison farm
Dinner at Pt. Mac General Store
Devotions and highs and lows of the day

Monday, June 25
Morning- Vacation Bible School
Afternoon Softball!
Down time—take a nap, read a book, go for a run/walk, prepare for your lessons, write some postcards, etc.
Dinner TBD
Devotions and highs and lows of the day

Tuesday, June 26
Morning- Vacation Bible School
Afternoon & Evening-
Shop- Musk Ox Farm
Dinner TBD
Devotions and highs and lows of the day

Wednesday, June 27
Morning- Vacation Bible School (Pastor Seth to do Laundry)
Afternoon- take a look at Sarah Palin's house & then down time
Evening- Picnic at Hatcher Pass
Devotions and highs and lows of the day

Thursday, June 28
Morning- Vacation Bible School
Afternoon- At sites, pick up last minute items for Family night.
Exlpore surrounding areas of Pt. Mackenzie- the Lytle farm & then nap time
Vacation Bible School Family night!
Devotions and highs and lows of the day

Friday, June 29
Morning- Vacation Bible School
Afternoon-Clean up sites & go to Iditacup Espresso
Lunch at Sarah Palin’s favorite lounge
Dinner at Pastor Rocky's house
Pack supplies in bins
Highs and Lows of the Week

Saturday, June 30
Morning/Afternoon-Sleep in
Return Bins to Lamb of God
Hike the Butte
Grocery shopping
Dinner- at the Campbell's home 

Sunday, July 1
Morning- Worship @ St. John, Palmer
Pack and Clean St. John
Afternoon- Portage Glacier Cruise
Evening- Dinner at the Sourdough Mining Company in Anchorage
10:30 PM- Return rental vehicles and check in at airport

Monday, July 2
Flight Itinerary
Jet Blue Flight # 501
1:05 AM- 7:20 AM
Head home

by Anna McDaniel

The last frontier, land of the midnight sun
God’s creation, indescribable
Glaciers and mountains
Green and more green
Sun and rain, clouds and sky
A couple cabins and a church
Children- tummies full, hearts hungry
Truth revealed, faith instilled
Rules and guidelines
Hugs and piggyback rides
Teaching and learning
Old friends, new friends
Visitors and smiling faces
Fun and games
Hikes and runs
#Hashtags and cameras
Christians and Romans
Softball and Fred Meyer
Food and drinks
Salmon and more salmon
Moose and bear
Air mattresses and sleeping bags
Devotions and alone time
Adults and teenagers
Under 18 & 21 and over
Country music and southern voices
Shopping and spending
Laughs and looks
Planes and SUVs
Tears of joy and pain, memories sure to gain
Friendships- grew stronger
Love and sadness
Thank yous and goodbyes