Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Midsemester - Sophomore year

I know it's been way too long since our last post, but I think it's obvious that we've been a bit busy! 
Time management is the name of the game... trying to balance studies, activities, work, RA stuff, and social time can be a bit overwhelming, but we're making it work!

Sweatshirt weather is here!! We love it... the wind can get a little crazy now and then, but it's definitely Fall. The trees didn't have as much color as they normally do, but apparently that is because of the drought (btw, I've never seen corn look so bad), but it is much more color than we see in the trees of California! It's starting to feel like winter though! I don't think we'll see warm temperatures for a long while... we had a little snow the other day! Lots of people are saying we are going to have a bad winter, but I'm also hearing that it's going to be a mild one... we'll just have to wait and see!

It was so nice having Mom and Dad out here for Homecoming! Home doesn't seem so far when family is in town :) Mom and Dad enjoyed getting to know our friends better and they sure spoiled us!
Our friend Mason visited on Homecoming too... it was so good to see him! That night we went bowling with the gang and just had some quality time with friends :)

Our hall from last year got together again to make a flag football team... we had a good run, but didn't make it to the championship. Our coaches this year were Theo, Glen, and Adam... these guys are awesome! They made play books, coordinated practices, and genuinely care about us girls. :)

Fall break couldn't have come at a better time! One day off seems way too short, but the long weekend was awesome. We drove up to Minnesota to spend the weekend with Brittany's family. We slept in, ate yummy home cooked meals, shopped at the Mall of America, made a trip up to Wisconsin to see Brittany's Grandparents' new lake front cabin, and went to Brittany's church. My favorite part of the weekend was definitely just having family time... Brittany's siblings and parents are so great! We felt right at home at Brittany's, and we are looking forward to the next time we can visit!

Jen's coming out this weekend and WE ARE SO EXCITED!! It's actually Family Weekend here at CUNE so it's cool that it worked out for her to be here :)

Classes are going pretty well... Calc 2 is tough (always lots of homework... constantly trying to play catch up), Psy 101 is pretty interesting (right now we are studying identical twins and that's cool especially since Amy and I have been working a lot with the USC twin study - we go back to USC for the study during Thanksgiving break!), Studies in the Life of Christ has been great (I'm learning a lot, and the theology professors are just awesome here), Global Issues is well an easy A, but a pretty boring class, Women's Chorale is good (we're getting ready for Christmas at Concordia; reserve your free ticket starting Thursday Nov. 1 on the CUNE music webpage), Art 101 has been a little challenging, but at the same time really fun (right now we are doing ceramics and it keeps reminding me of Aunt Cathy and her amazing pottery skills!), and voice lessons are great (we love our professor Stephanie!).

We've been blessed with many new friendships this year, and love all the time we get to spend with our besties. Seriously college would be so boring if it wasn't for friends... we're always "making memories." It's been awesome having a car here at school, too... we go to Lincoln about every weekend, and we never need to worry about finding a ride :) Last weekend we saw Argo... it was so good! I definitely recommend you seeing it! We've gone swing/line dancing too - way fun! - and we plan to go again soon!

Football season is coming to a close, with last weekend as the last home game, and now only two games left in the season. We are planning to attend the last game... I just can't believe the season is almost over! It's also bulldog Volleyball season and it's been so fun cheering on our girl Amanda Abbott! She's so good. no lie. However, it's now my favorite time of year... basketball season!! We are excited for the bulldog bball games, CIT, and of course, we're all about the LAKESHOW! We had disappointing loss to the Mavs, but just take a look at our starting 5... amazing, 'nuf said.

Friends back home... we miss you lots... we love hearing from you and can't wait to see you during Thanksgiving break! Friends attending different schools... hope your semester is going well... come visit! Jon, Mom, Dad, and Jen... 2 months and then we'll all be together again. Looking forward to it. Love you!

Well, I should probably get some sleep... "sleep? what's that?" - RA joke
Talk to you soon!
Love, Anna

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