Saturday, February 18, 2012


Ever since winter has begun,
It's been hard to find things to do for fun.
Friends all sit around,
And wait for the snow to melt off the ground.
It is obvious winter isn't the best time for an outdoor sport,
But sometimes it gets boring only being on an indoor court.
Think about home and how the sun is still shining,
But don't let that start up any of your whining!
39 degrees actually feels nice,
Even though the ground is covered in ice.
Today's weather is definitely a hit,
Beautiful day for snuffleball, ain't it?

by Amanda Abbott
snuffleball = snow football :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

7 weeks down, 3 months left of school, 1 month until spring break

Brittany, Trey, Amy, and Anna

Montana and Anna ready to go tubing behind Trey's truck

Montana, Adam, Anna, and Britt

Anna and Brittany making snow angels :) Anna's first time!

Trey and Theo... nice pic of the guys

Adam, Amy, and Armani :)

Britt, our born and bred snow girl :)

Trey on the snowboard... watch out, pro style

Amy, looking cute as ever in her purple beanie :)


such a fun day with the group... thanks for taking the pic Theo!

the twins :)

Anna and Britt <3


ready, set, go! 
Britt and Aim :)

thanks for everything, TREY!

piling up in Trey's car 

driving out to the back roads of Seward :)

a pretty awesome day

beautiful sunset just before the snow hit Nebraska

Valentine's Day decorations from Jen <3

Theo and his yogurt drenched waffles... gross haha 

Amy and Britt in our 1st snow since before Christmas!

8 inches of snow

Valentine Cookies, thanks for the mix Jen!

truth or dare? honey in your face!

snow frosted tree against the dark sky

our walk to class :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Howdy from Anna

Well, for the past couple of days we have been experiencing California-like winter temperatures. 70 degrees was the record for Monday, and for yesterday and today it has been in the 60s... enjoy it while we can, right? Some people have asked us if we are sad that there isn't much snow... haha! um, no. Amy and I are loving this weather, but I'm sure we'll get another cold spell before we know it.

This past weekend our men's and women's basketball teams were announced champions of the Concordia, CIT tournament! That's right, we're proud of it... go bulldogs!! It's pretty legit, and we are even more excited to defend our CIT title for next year because CUNE is going to host the tournament - home turf, that's what's up!

Right now our hall is doing a Bible Study on the book of Hosea. Each night we are assigned 2 chapters, and at the end of the week we'll meet to talk about it together. Another neat thing our hall is doing this semester is praying for a specific person... at our hall meetings we write down some prayer requests for ourselves and then we pass them around in a circle; after a few passes, we take that sheet and pray for that girl for the week... there's a comfort we've come to feel knowing that there is someone specifically praying for us.

Apparently all of my teachers thought it would be fun to assign research papers/assignments at the same time. Well, not all of them I guess, just my ED201, EDPS, ENG102, and NT professors... I guess 4 research assignments will be enough for now... goodness gracious!!! I feel like I am always doing homework and Amy has barely any (not even lying). I'm managing my time well though, even with my job in admissions, it is all working out... btw, got my first paycheck last week! Wahoo!!

My teacher aiding at St. Vincent's has been going really well. Usually I am grading papers or teaching a small group while my cooperating teacher is working with another group. Today I did individual student math assessments. Part of the assessment included counting by 3's, 4's, 7's, 25's, and perfect squares... I don't remember having to do that in 3rd grade, but they seemed to be doing pretty well. This week is Catholic Schools Week so they are doing lots of fun activities... reminds me of all the fun stuff we did at Bethany for Lutheran Schools Week :)

Concordia's Chamber Choir is touring the West Coast next week and will be making a stop at Bethany! We have some friends in that choir, so all you CA readers, come out and support! On Sat, Feb 11th there will be a concert at 7pm, and on Sun, Feb 12th they will be helping to lead worship at all 3 morning services. They'd appreciate the support, and I'm sure they'd love to meet you!

Super Bowl Sunday... just thought I'd throw out there that our friend Amanda will be there cheering on The Patriots in person. Even though I'm not much of a Patriot fan, I'm jealous :) haha

Co-ed intramural basketball starts in a couple weeks, and we are pretty excited for that...

This semester you will pretty much find Amy and I doing homework, running, in Janzow (dining hall), working, in class, or spending time with friends... it's a pretty good thing we've got going on here, and we love it.