Friday, February 10, 2012

7 weeks down, 3 months left of school, 1 month until spring break

Brittany, Trey, Amy, and Anna

Montana and Anna ready to go tubing behind Trey's truck

Montana, Adam, Anna, and Britt

Anna and Brittany making snow angels :) Anna's first time!

Trey and Theo... nice pic of the guys

Adam, Amy, and Armani :)

Britt, our born and bred snow girl :)

Trey on the snowboard... watch out, pro style

Amy, looking cute as ever in her purple beanie :)


such a fun day with the group... thanks for taking the pic Theo!

the twins :)

Anna and Britt <3


ready, set, go! 
Britt and Aim :)

thanks for everything, TREY!

piling up in Trey's car 

driving out to the back roads of Seward :)

a pretty awesome day

beautiful sunset just before the snow hit Nebraska

Valentine's Day decorations from Jen <3

Theo and his yogurt drenched waffles... gross haha 

Amy and Britt in our 1st snow since before Christmas!

8 inches of snow

Valentine Cookies, thanks for the mix Jen!

truth or dare? honey in your face!

snow frosted tree against the dark sky

our walk to class :)

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