Friday, September 30, 2011

Hey hey!! Amy here :)

Hey everyone!!
Here is something crazy to think about-midterms are right around the corner!!!!!!
Everything is going by so fast! So far I have taken 3 tests....I've gotten 2 of them back and were happy(Statistics and EspaƱol) so I'm just waiting to hear back for my Sociology test.... I felt pretty good about it though! So, I am pretty happy with test taking so far! It is so nerve racking because you have no idea how your professors are going to present the questions and don't know the difficulty level of the test. Study groups = amazing.

Last weekend, on Saturday, I did a servant event with my Freshman Seminar Class. It was a lot of fun- we helped host a Dog 'n Jog. The proceeds went to help support service dogs. It was fun to pet and play with some of the pooches :)

These were the two service dogs I got to spend time with :)
the dance :)
Then after I got back, some of our friends and I went to Sumner, NE (go ahead and google map it) :) It's population is 229... cute, small Sumner :) Our friend, Sara lives there.... It was so much fun! We girls kept saying that we felt like we were in a movie. It was her high school's homecoming dance, and her brother was going, so we got to stop in and see all the decorations :) It was awesome!! We seriously felt like we were in an episode of "Saved by the Bell" :) We were so surprised the population was only 229.... you wouldn't think it was that small.
Sara and her family were simply AMAZING.... we were spoiled all weekend. Sara's mom did all of our laundry and cooked us 3 FABULOUS, homemade meals :) We left feeling so relaxed.

This week went by fast! Tonight we are going to the women's volleyball game & then are going to Lincoln for a night on the town with some friends :)
Tomorrow we have a home football game at 1!! So we'll be there to cheer on the boys :) And I think we are also going to go over to our friend, Molly's house for a meal this weekend.

We can't complain! Everything is SO GREAT here!! God has really put us in the right place, we can just feel it :)
6 1/2 days until we get our first visitors!! Can't wait to see you Ryan, Austin, & Dr. Fink!!
Love you all!
Go bulldogs!!

view outside my window... Fall is on its way!

Monday, September 19, 2011


The Faculty Showcase Recital on Sunday opened with "Just As I Am Without One Plea" [Woodworth] performed by composer and organist, Dr. Charles Ore and alto saxophonist, Christopher Nichols. 
It was incredible! Amy and I felt like we were back in San Diego listening to Mom and Uncle Kirk playing it for the first time.  The Program Notes includes a very nice explanation of the piece and a memorial for Grandpa Schroeder. 
Anna, Amy, & Brittany all decked out for the bulldog game vs. Hastings on Saturday.
Anna, Theo, & Amy after the BULLDOG VICTORY 10-0!!
On Friday night us girls went to Lincoln to see The Lion King 3D... amazing! We all grew up with that movie and we had fun watching it together :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Here's just a couple lines from the past few days:

"I have the best hall on the whole Concordia campus and probably the best out of all Nebraska campuses. Trust me people, you shouldn't even try to argue. :) I love my NE pit girls!"

On Friday night a comedian, Michael Palascak came to CUNE and he was really funny!
On Saturday Brittany, Amy, Molly, and I spent the day at Molly's house for brunch and dinner, and for doing homework, taking long showers, watching movies, watching the husker game, and just relaxing. This is Molly's dog... such a little cuddle bug :) Huskers won... CUNE Bulldogs lost :(
Sunday church was good, but I am not allowed to pick the pew anymore...  I was simply trying to find a pew that would fit all of us, but the one I chose was right in front of a family with about 7 kids all under the age of 5. Sorry about that everyone... haha :)

On Sunday afternoon Amy and I went to the September 11th Memorial Service in Weller and then, Amy, Brittany, Molly, and I went back over to the Kenow's for dinner... we had fajitas and peach cobbler. So delicious! Originally some of our football friends were going to join us, but you know how guys are... they had practice but didn't tell us how long, blah blah blah. So, Molly picked up Tex for dinner when he was done, and then Brittany, Tex, and I went back to CU after he ate (we had hall meetings. Amy and Molly stayed back to help her mom with a project.) Well, the meetings were quick and we went back to Molly's, but this time, we had a few more guys (Theo, Justin, and Collin - not to mention that Ryan was already at Molly's house now too)... six of us pilled into her pt cruiser and made it back to Molly's house... haha! Boy, those guys were hungry! Their practice ended so late that Janzow was closed... cold leftovers from lunch or Molly's house? In Tex's words, "Man, Molly's mom sure can cook!"
Yesterday, I was walking through TLEC and I walked past this "plant." I had to turn around and take a picture... this is NE's version of a palm tree... how sad... haha :) to me it looks like an overgrown fern!
This was on the bumper of a car in the David Parking Lot... love it!
This week, we don't have too much going on... we are all in that "I'm tired" stage... the "honeymoon part" (like my FYS teacher calls it) is pretty much over, but we aren't quite feeling the homesickness/college is really hard part. In FYS yesterday, we talked about how when we go home on breaks "mom is going to be really nice to you, they're going to cook all your favorite meals, they want to spend lots of time with you, but mom and dad will still want you to follow their rules, your room won't feel as comfortable because you took all your favorite stuff to school, and believe it or not, you'll feel like breaks are too long, and you'll want to go back to school, your high school friends aren't the same because they have changed as well as you have..." It was interesting because it is hard to believe most of that, but I have seen that before... Exhibit A: Jon and Jen :) Amy and I were always on the other side of this situation... It was always so exciting when Jon and Jen would come home on breaks... we'd literally count down the days. The first part of it was always fun, but when Jon and Jen started "pooping out" (no better way to describe it) at home, that's when they were ready to go back to school. We'll probably understand that sooner than later :)

In my Intro to Lit class we are starting the book "1 Dead in Attic." It is a collection of stories from a newspaper column recounting all that happened during Hurricane Katrina... it is really interesting and I'm liking it a lot. 

On Friday night, after football is done practicing, the plan is that some of our friends and us are going to Lincoln to see The Lion King in 3D... we are excited about that :)

We'll post again soon...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's Sunday, the Sun is Shining, and it's 64 degrees!

Morgan, Brittany, and Anna at Grisanti's

This morning we decided to go to early church (8:30am) so that we could get a head start on the day. Church was so great today! The sermon, the hymns, and communion... :)
And, oh my goodness, the weather!! We walked out the front doors of David and I said, "Ladies, welcome to California winter!" We all laughed... but seriously, could fall be here?! It feels so great... jacket and jean weather is coming soon! Right now, the AC's off and the window is open... awesome!

Molly, Amy, and Sara
Since it was raining yesterday, Amy, Brittany, and I got cranking on homework early while we were watching the Husker game (Brittany's first, by the way!). Our friends from NE were very proud of Amy and I for wearing our Husker gear at the start of the day :). Before we knew it, we had spent our whole afternoon upstairs in the Lounge. Last night, Molly's family had Brittany, Amy, Theo, Tex (Landin), and I over for dinner again. We had a fabulous Husker themed spaghetti dinner (it was the real deal - homemade meatballs, blueberry tea, fabulous bread, veggies, and delicious watermelon)! And dessert (blonde brownies and homemade ice cream)... so good!
Theo and Tex were excited to have a home cooked meal... it had been more than a month since they had eaten "real food" :) How are we ever going to make it up to the Kenow family? Thank you so much!

Anna & Leah
 On Thursday night, there was an activities fair in Janzow top where different clubs, organizations, and businesses from Seward had booths giving the CUNE students coupons and free stuff (awesome!) Then, Grant and Kevin (friends of the family) took Amy and I to Cafe on the Square for dinner. It was really good and we had great company.

 On Friday night, the gals of David NE Pit went to Grisanti's in Lincoln (an Italian restaurant) to celebrate Allie & Abby's birthdays. It was so nice to go out and do something different. All the girls had fun getting ready for the night. We carpooled in a few cars, and on our way back to Seward we got caught in a really bad rainstorm... it was kind of scary. One of the girls said, "We should say a prayer," and a few of us quickly responded, "already did!" We drove by a couple accidents... thankfully, we made it back safe and sound :)
This afternoon, we are going to lunch at a lady's house (from church), and then just finish the rest of our homework... who knows, maybe tonight we'll have time to watch a movie or play a game.

Amy :)
We are having such a good time out here... really truly.

We love the cards and skype sessions!
Keep in touch...
Miss you and love you lots!

David NE Pit at Grisanti's to celebrate Allie & Abby's BDAYS