Friday, September 30, 2011

Hey hey!! Amy here :)

Hey everyone!!
Here is something crazy to think about-midterms are right around the corner!!!!!!
Everything is going by so fast! So far I have taken 3 tests....I've gotten 2 of them back and were happy(Statistics and EspaƱol) so I'm just waiting to hear back for my Sociology test.... I felt pretty good about it though! So, I am pretty happy with test taking so far! It is so nerve racking because you have no idea how your professors are going to present the questions and don't know the difficulty level of the test. Study groups = amazing.

Last weekend, on Saturday, I did a servant event with my Freshman Seminar Class. It was a lot of fun- we helped host a Dog 'n Jog. The proceeds went to help support service dogs. It was fun to pet and play with some of the pooches :)

These were the two service dogs I got to spend time with :)
the dance :)
Then after I got back, some of our friends and I went to Sumner, NE (go ahead and google map it) :) It's population is 229... cute, small Sumner :) Our friend, Sara lives there.... It was so much fun! We girls kept saying that we felt like we were in a movie. It was her high school's homecoming dance, and her brother was going, so we got to stop in and see all the decorations :) It was awesome!! We seriously felt like we were in an episode of "Saved by the Bell" :) We were so surprised the population was only 229.... you wouldn't think it was that small.
Sara and her family were simply AMAZING.... we were spoiled all weekend. Sara's mom did all of our laundry and cooked us 3 FABULOUS, homemade meals :) We left feeling so relaxed.

This week went by fast! Tonight we are going to the women's volleyball game & then are going to Lincoln for a night on the town with some friends :)
Tomorrow we have a home football game at 1!! So we'll be there to cheer on the boys :) And I think we are also going to go over to our friend, Molly's house for a meal this weekend.

We can't complain! Everything is SO GREAT here!! God has really put us in the right place, we can just feel it :)
6 1/2 days until we get our first visitors!! Can't wait to see you Ryan, Austin, & Dr. Fink!!
Love you all!
Go bulldogs!!

view outside my window... Fall is on its way!

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