Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Here's just a couple lines from the past few days:

"I have the best hall on the whole Concordia campus and probably the best out of all Nebraska campuses. Trust me people, you shouldn't even try to argue. :) I love my NE pit girls!"

On Friday night a comedian, Michael Palascak came to CUNE and he was really funny!
On Saturday Brittany, Amy, Molly, and I spent the day at Molly's house for brunch and dinner, and for doing homework, taking long showers, watching movies, watching the husker game, and just relaxing. This is Molly's dog... such a little cuddle bug :) Huskers won... CUNE Bulldogs lost :(
Sunday church was good, but I am not allowed to pick the pew anymore...  I was simply trying to find a pew that would fit all of us, but the one I chose was right in front of a family with about 7 kids all under the age of 5. Sorry about that everyone... haha :)

On Sunday afternoon Amy and I went to the September 11th Memorial Service in Weller and then, Amy, Brittany, Molly, and I went back over to the Kenow's for dinner... we had fajitas and peach cobbler. So delicious! Originally some of our football friends were going to join us, but you know how guys are... they had practice but didn't tell us how long, blah blah blah. So, Molly picked up Tex for dinner when he was done, and then Brittany, Tex, and I went back to CU after he ate (we had hall meetings. Amy and Molly stayed back to help her mom with a project.) Well, the meetings were quick and we went back to Molly's, but this time, we had a few more guys (Theo, Justin, and Collin - not to mention that Ryan was already at Molly's house now too)... six of us pilled into her pt cruiser and made it back to Molly's house... haha! Boy, those guys were hungry! Their practice ended so late that Janzow was closed... cold leftovers from lunch or Molly's house? In Tex's words, "Man, Molly's mom sure can cook!"
Yesterday, I was walking through TLEC and I walked past this "plant." I had to turn around and take a picture... this is NE's version of a palm tree... how sad... haha :) to me it looks like an overgrown fern!
This was on the bumper of a car in the David Parking Lot... love it!
This week, we don't have too much going on... we are all in that "I'm tired" stage... the "honeymoon part" (like my FYS teacher calls it) is pretty much over, but we aren't quite feeling the homesickness/college is really hard part. In FYS yesterday, we talked about how when we go home on breaks "mom is going to be really nice to you, they're going to cook all your favorite meals, they want to spend lots of time with you, but mom and dad will still want you to follow their rules, your room won't feel as comfortable because you took all your favorite stuff to school, and believe it or not, you'll feel like breaks are too long, and you'll want to go back to school, your high school friends aren't the same because they have changed as well as you have..." It was interesting because it is hard to believe most of that, but I have seen that before... Exhibit A: Jon and Jen :) Amy and I were always on the other side of this situation... It was always so exciting when Jon and Jen would come home on breaks... we'd literally count down the days. The first part of it was always fun, but when Jon and Jen started "pooping out" (no better way to describe it) at home, that's when they were ready to go back to school. We'll probably understand that sooner than later :)

In my Intro to Lit class we are starting the book "1 Dead in Attic." It is a collection of stories from a newspaper column recounting all that happened during Hurricane Katrina... it is really interesting and I'm liking it a lot. 

On Friday night, after football is done practicing, the plan is that some of our friends and us are going to Lincoln to see The Lion King in 3D... we are excited about that :)

We'll post again soon...


  1. well i guess we won't cook any meals for you then. we'll want you to feel like you're at janzow :) oh, and i'll try not to "poop out" while you're here haha

  2. hey! that was not the intent of the post :'(

  3. haha i know. it's all good :) love you!