Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sophomore year so far...

So right now we are driving out to Hastings for an away Bulldogs football game and I was thinking that it has been too long since our last post....

These first few weeks of school have been busy, busy but good! Right before school started, I was a WOW (weekend of welcome) leader which was a lot fun! The best part was making friends and spending time with people that I normally don't get to spend a lot of time with.
Now that school is off & running...I seem to be learning a lot but the homework load is HUGE. Lots of reading & reflecting and projects are already piling up.
I am in Nurturing the Faith, Psychology, Women's Chorale, Cultural Anthropology, Faith & Life, Voice lessons, and am also a Peer Instructor for a Freshmen Seminar class. It has been fun to be a peer instructor- I think they like me! haha...sometimes it's hard to tell if they look at me as an authority figure or as a peer...but I'm sure as the semester goes on they'll feel more comfortable with me :)
Nurturing the Faith and Faith & Life have been great so far- really cool to be able to have discussions that mean so much to us as Christians with fellow college students. These two classes are already helping me in my faith and it's only been a few weeks, so I am really looking forward to the rest of the semester.
Cultural Anthropology & Psychology are very interesting classes and are definitely reassuring me that I'm in the right major. I love learning about other people and why they do the things they do- I guess I just love learning everyone's story.
Voice and choir are good, as always... Love to sing :)
Brittany and I are having a blast living together! We bunked our beds, got a couch, and have a little tv entertainment unit too. Life is good in David 152!

I really hope the football team gets the win tonight... The last couple games they've had have been tough losses & they just deserve to win, already! The look on the guys' faces last game were just heart breaking- so I'll definitely be cheering them on tonight. I am also excited it's a night game... There is nothing like a football game under the lights :)
Shout out to our girl, AMANDA ABBOTT!!! She was Concordia's Female Athlete of the Week!! So proud of her :) The volleyball team has had some tough losses as well- they are looking great though, and I know they'll bring it this season.

This past week Anna and I received the opportunity to go on a Guatemala Medical Mission Trip with CUNE over Spring break, so keep us in your prayers as we make our decision and as Concordia begins to plan the trip.

Well I think that is it for now... I would post some pictures but I can't right now because I'm blogging from my phone.
But I will soon- pictures are more fun :)

Talk to you guys soon!
Love you & miss you Cali friends!

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