Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Little U-Haul's Hitched, Our Room Is Packed, and Our Eyes Are Puffy... DAY 1 ON THE ROAD (by Anna)

A week of good-byes can really make your gut ache inside... this week has been tough.
Starting Sunday, the realization of going to college hit home. Unexpected notes, hugs, wishes, and visits filled our last days and nights at home...We had visitors in the morning, afternoon, and night--while packing, leaving, and during those brief moments in between... church folks who have watched us grow up from the pews in front and behind, friends--who are really family, mentors, friends who we've shared applesauce with, friends who we've shared priceless conversations with, and friends whom we've only known for a year or two... to all of you, thank you! The moments we've shared this week are priceless, and have been a real comfort.

I found it difficult to believe this was all really happening because whenever someone dropped in to say good-bye, we found ourselves having a great time (and Amy and I just couldn't get over how sweet it was that you wanted to drop by... true friends). I mean, you do hear the doorbell thinking, okay this is it... oh boy, the tears are coming--oh, let's avoid the good-bye right now!-uhhh...I HAVE AN IDEA!: "let's chat for a few minutes!?" "Okay!" we all agree. In reality though, an hour and a half goes by... talking about so much (most of it being other than the obvious, "A&A leaving"). But, when it finally came to it (and, it did) the tears would swell in all of our eyes, and we knew it was time... Why does saying good-bye have to hurt so much?

Anyways, saying good-bye to Jen (and Jesse) was really tough. Every time we have had to say good-bye to Jen, it was tough, but when she went to CUI, she was just down the freeway, and we would visit in person. And, when she was in Spain, it was just a couple months, and it felt like she was off at college again... This time, I knew it would be more difficult. Amy and I were the ones leaving this time! Even after we'd been on the road for awhile, I still found eyes swelling with tears, and then emptying, and then swelling up all over again... Sigh... a tough day. "A roller coaster of emotions," as Mom always says.

But, yes, we made it to Vegas early this afternoon. While it's hotter than So Cal has experienced all summer, we are having a great time. We stopped at Home Depot to get a lock for our little U-Haul and we've been enjoying our time with Jon. Amy and I even helped with making a bulletin board in his classroom. For tonight, plans are to have a nice dinner here in Summerlin and get a good night's rest (as you can imagine, none of us slept real well last night).

We've already texted and called with Jen and it sounds like she and Jesse are having some bonding time tonight... movie, drinks, and grilling :) We wish Jen could be driving out with us, but we are very excited and hopeful for her job interviews that are happening this week!

Keep us in your prayers, keep in touch, and we'll keep you posted!

Love and hugs,


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  2. dude...i found my eyes swelling up even hours after you guys had left and i wasn't alone for all those moments (yes, a bit awkward i'm sure haha). tough stuff. we may not be just down the road, but we're just a text, a phone call, or skype sesh away. love you! and can i just say how well written this was...very nicely done annapoo :)
    oh and btw...some people also call you two "the girls" :)

  3. It's not's see you later.

    this is austin but i have no account =)