Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Story...

Some people call us "Amy and Anna"- some, "Anna and Amy"- others, "AmyAnna", and the rest call us "the twins" :)
Here's our story... After mom and dad had Jon & Jen, Mom decided she wanted one more (Dad says he would've been just fine with two) ;). Anyways... mom got pregnant! wahooo!!! And for 6 months of the pregnancy only God knew she was having twins, everyone else just thought mom was having one big baby. Then at one of mom's doctors appointments, the doctor told her there were two hearts beating inside :) Mom was in total shock! She was so excited and wanted to share the news! but she wanted to tell dad in instead, she told her secretary the secret. Then she went over to Sears and bought two of everything! And later that night, she came home with the shopping bags and showed pops what she bought. And then he said, "Was there a sale?" and she said, "No, you silly goose! We are having twins!" (and yes, we are paraphrasing- we wish we had this on video. haha) Then they hugged and kissed. And then, they cried.
So they went from naming their single pregnancy baby Sarah (for a girl)/Nathan (for a boy) to having to figure out twin names! They were convinced it would be two boys or a boy & a girl. The names they picked were Nathan and Nicholas OR Nathan and Sarah. (haha are you laughing yet?)
So the pregnancy went on, and mom ended up in bed rest (sorry, mom!). Then about one month before the due date, mom was having a really bad day. She felt like it was time. So dad took her to Memorial Hospital (but stopped for a donut on the way) :)In the midst of eating breakfast, they decided it would be best to have two girl names JUST IN CASE they have girl twins(yay!)... and they chose Anna and Amy.
When they arrived at the hospital, her doctor told her it wasn't time and that she needed to go home. Well, she said forget that, and immediately her water broke! (she must have been thinking... "take that!").
We aren't sure of all the details, since we wern't really coherent yet, except that mom had a nurse in training & dad said she was really annoying. Anyways, mom began to push baby A out but had to stop because baby B had baby A's umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. EMERGENCY CESARIAN! The OBGYN rescued baby B and then delivered baby A approx. 30 seconds later. Now baby A was known as Baby A2 and baby B was known as Baby B1. Baby B1 weighed 5 pounds 11 oz and Baby A2 weighted 6 pounds. They were both happy and healthy GIRLS! When mom was finishing her surgery, the nurse came up to dad and asked him who was who. And he thought Anna was a more petite name, so he named Baby B1: Anna Rebecca and Baby A2: Amy Renee. (And don't worry, Amy throws the petite story at Dad whenever she needs to) :)
Now we've been blessed to grow up with the best family ever, and it's time to move on to the next phase... college.
We are making this for mom, but want everyone that wants to follow to follow. We are going to miss you all SO MUCH!
Love you bunches! Enjoy the blog and write comments! It's more fun that way :)

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