Monday, August 22, 2011

david northeast pit, and my first few days at CUNE!

Welcome to DAVID NE PIT Room 40
Dresser and countertop

My closet... just enough space :)
Dad tasting my Keurig's first cup :)

my desk, underneath the lofted bed

under bed area continued :)

my roomie (Rachel) and I

entire bed area 
Well, as you can imagine, I was very nervous for our move in day at CUNE (heart beating extremely fast). The day started out with an optional breakfast... so, we decided to go because we didn't want to be the only ones who didn't go... well, apparently, optional was taken as "don't go," so we were 1 of 2 families there with all of the athletes who were already living at CU - awkward! But, then we just waited around for the move-in/check-in stuff to get rolling. It was weird, because we were 1 of 3 families there a half hour early... where is everyone? at CUI families get there 3 hours early!!! Anyways, things got rolling, and it was good that we were there early... lines got long fast! The nerves slowly faded away as I started meeting other girls on my floor... we are all going through the same thing, and everyone was nervous. I got to the dorm before my roommate, and to all our surprise, the wing was redone! Carpet instead of tile, new desks, new bathrooms, and AIR CONDITIONING!! :-) Theo's dorm doesn't have AC... he has gone to bed hot every night he has been there. It's funny, but it's not... haha.
The WOW (Weekend of Welcome) activities were fun... scavenger hunt, games, skits, slip n slide, games, brother dorm events, Seward town block party, worship, etc.
So, let me put this into perspective for you... we arrived and moved in on Thursday-first night away from our parents, didn't sleep too well :'( - A Cappella tryouts were on Friday, and we said goodbye to Mom and Dad after that. Originally, mom and dad were going to leave right before our auditions, but Mom called and said that it would be better if they left after our tryout, so we would be more stable during the tryout. I wanted that too :), I don't think I would have made it through the tryout... crying, etc. So, we went to breakfast together, and then mom helped Amy and I warm up our voices. I was a bucket of nerves... once I started warming up, I cried. I get too nervous and too stressed out, but I really can't control that :/ Hugs and encouragement from Mom & Dad got me through (I miss those hugs). The audition went pretty well... Dr. von Kampen did a range check, tonal memory, rhythm exercies, sight singing, and then 1 verse of Amazing Grace, Beautiful Savior, or My Country Tis Of Thee. I chose My Country Tis Of Thee, because I sang it so much at Bethany, and I had it down. Well, I got really high (and low) in my range check (only cracking at my breaking point) - he confirmed that I am an Alto I :-) - then, I did 3 tonal memory exercises (each with 4 notes) and I only messed up on one note. I did well on the sight singing. I had to redo the rhythm exercise (but my friends did too, so that made me feel better). And... when I sang My Country Tis Of Thee I cracked and felt more breathy than I am okay with, but he said, "Like I told your sister, I'm not expecting perfection, I'm looking for potential, so don't worry." Then, he went on to say, you may or may not make A Cappella... there are alot of women auditioning... just because you don't make it, doesn't mean you aren't a good singer... you are exactally the kind of person we want in A Cappella... I know you'll be in whatever choir we place you'll eventually be in A Cappella, but it might not be this year. So, I shook his hand and thanked him, and then on my way out, he asked when mom and dad were leaving (keep in mind, he's friends with them), and that's when the tears started swelling in my eyes... I said, "right now." I walked out, held it together for a minute, and then right when I saw mom, dad, and Amy, I cried again... boy, am I a little stresser and ball of emotions... I explained that the audition was fine, but that I just needed to let my nerves and jitters out. :) (Note: we find out about choir Monday night... we'll be happy in either the Women's Chorus or A Cappella, but, no lie, we'll be disappointed if we don't make it into A Cappella.) So, the saying good-bye part... the hardest thing we've ever had to do (maybe even for mom and dad?) "I'm not ready for you to leave," I said to mom and dad... anyways, it was really tough, and afterwards, Amy and I went for a walk. Mom cried for 200 miles, and I teared up or cried every time I thought/think about it... even right now. Most of the freshmen said good-bye Friday night, but Mom said that she couldn't say good-bye if she knew she was going to be in town for another day, and could see us again... we were a-okay with that!! Miss you Mom and Dad (and Jon and Jen)!

On Sunday morning, Amy and I (and girls from our floor) went to St. John's Lutheran (where our Mom and Dad got married) at 11am. Church was good... but, I'm already missing Bethany :(. Then, we had some free time, class meetings, and then the Opening Worship Service for CUNE at St. John's. So, we walked back over... the music was incredible. Dr. Blersch played the organ (remember, he was the guest composer at Bethany) and I got goosebumps when he started the opening hymn... I turned to Amy and said, "It sounds like Mom." The service was really great. A Cappella sang, there were trumpets, and everyone was singing... it reminded Amy and I of when we went to Mom's Doctorate Ceremony: the church fills with sound when you've got Lutherans who can sing :-). Anyways, we were all really tired (mom and dad say they do this on purpose: keep you busy busy so you don't think about leaving your family... and then you crash), but we had to keep on going: floor meeting and roommate contracts. The contracts are great idea, plus they give you an opportunity to talk about some important stuff... I feel like Rachel and I are pretty much on the same page about everything :)
So... if you haven't noticed, we are having a great time... tired, but loving it! We feel like CUNE is a good fit for us.
Things Amy and I have observed:
1. Toilet seat covers are no where to be found.
2. Hand dryers are the only way to dry your hands in the bathroom - and no, they aren't the powerful ones... drag.
3. Guys like to sing hymns! Who would have guessed that by college, they'd sing out? :)
4. Beef and Broccoli is also known as canned dog food (Amy) or stew on top of rice (Anna).
5. Girls wear running shoes and running shorts everywhere :) awesome!
6. it's more humid than we thought it'd be
7. making friends here is easier than expected
8. college is easier than high school
9. adjusting to cafeteria food will take awhile

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