Monday, August 22, 2011

It's Amy here!

Well it's Amy here, tonight! :)
Just finished my first night class! It is Freshman Seminar, Mondays from 7-9. It is very relaxed & place to "find yourself" as my professor puts it :)

Can I just give a shout out to my NE David Pit ladies?!! They are so awesome! We get up and do everything together- breakfast, chapel, lunch, dinner, shopping, and other activities. And if we have classes together we walk there as a group :) Such a great group of girls.

This morning, Anna and I went on a run with a hall-mate friend behind CUNE on a bike path- very cool! Then we were off to the communal showers (which I have never had to wait in line for!) and then breakfast & class. Anna and I both have the same Spanish class, Monday mornings with Professor Pfabe (who actually had my dad in a history class, way back when) :) It was my favorite class of the day :)
Then we went to chapel- very cool to be surrounded with such strong singers :)
Then finished up the rest of the day with our other classes.

After dinner today, we went with our NE David Pit girls to check the A Capella list- only one girl from our floor made it. :( We are all very happy for her!
I think what made me most sad is that Jon sang in A Capella with the seniors that are in it now, so we won't be able to get to know those seniors as well as Jonny did. But Anna and I are okay- I didn't shed a tear until I called Jen, a few hours later. (Probably a mixture of different emotions) :) But in all seriousness, I am so happy to be able to sing. Lots of the girls in NE David Pit are in Women's Chorale with us, and I am looking forward to making stronger friendships with them :) almost all of us understand that we are freshman & it's not normal to make A Capella as a freshman.

I'll post more later, when I catch up on sleep :)
Now I'm off to bed- Get to sleep in tomorrow!
good night :)
<3 Amy

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