Monday, August 15, 2011

797 MILES down, 643 MILES to go!!

Hello Hello :)
We are about to fall asleep, but I wanted to sum up the day for you guys.
Well, we left Jonny's at 8:30 this morning with a few tears and worked Bessie (our Expedition) good and hard today.
Lots of different scenery and weather today in 4 states...
We first stopped at Smiths grocery (related to Ralphs?) and picked up some diet coke, deli pita pockets, apples, bananas, and grapes for lunch. We figured we wouldn't be wild and crazy for the truck stop dining locations when lunch time would come around, so we loaded up the cooler.
Leaving Vegas it was warm and sunny and before we knew it, we hit Arizona and Utah pretty fast. The red rocks were gorgeous.
When we were in Utah, we were all feeling a Starbucks run, but none could be found. I was thinking maybe it is because Mormons aren't allowed to drink caffeine....? So we stopped at a gas station, filled Bessie up, took a potty break, grabbed a coke and Mom took over the wheel.

Then the temperature dropped to a drastic 60 degrees and started pouring. But it was beautiful driving through the mountains (and we got to turn on the panel!). It's aways fun to see the differences in mom and dad's driving. When mom drives, we are blasting Chris Tomlin & when dad drives we're listening to pure country.

In between the different areas, Pops pointed out little things about farming and animals that we didn't know about; so today, we learned about hay and cows :)

Then it significantly warmed up again and we finally reached Green River, UT. (It's about 100 miles outside of Grand Junction). (Dad has a story or two about Green River from his hay day) But anyways, we stopped at a Phillips gas station for a potty break and a Mountain Dew for Pops :)

Our next and final stop for the day was, Grand Junction!!! It was 100 miles away, and I seriously watched those green highway signs too much. Every time I read it, we had only gone 6-10 miles since I saw the last sign. :(
But after conversation died, I decided to take a snooze. Next thing I know, we are 20 miles away from Grand Junction and I have a crink in my neck. But no worries, it was all good by the time we got to the hotel.

Then after deciding not to pick up the scary looking hitchhikers (headed to Lexington, NE) we checked in at the Clairon hotel and walked over to Applebees for dinner.
We had a great dinner and felt normal again after walking around for a bit.

Then we got back to the hotel, worked out, showered, and are now in bed. 9:21pm... not shabby at all!
Big day tomorrow, but not too long of a drive :)

Quote of the day: (context: I had just complained how crazy it was that I was tired even though we had been sitting in a car all day and then Anna says...) "I know! This has got to be how depressed people feel."

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