Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jacket Weather?!

So, last night Amy, the girls, and I went to JV's first football game. It was a lot of fun, and it started sprinkling... we had our umbrellas, but it didn't get too severe to pull them out :)
While there were some hair tugging moments in last night's loss, the team had some really exciting runs, and I'm sure the guys will be fired up for a win next week!
Amy, Anna, & Brittany at the game

first quarter action

meet the o line
Last night, while we were sleeping we had our first thunderstorm! I was freaking out a little because I thought my dorm had a leak, and you can imagine me with my little book light making sure all my books weren't wet :) Well, it turns out it was just the pitter patter on our AC unit... no leaks to be found (at least so far!). Today's forecast: cloudy, scattered thunderstorms, high 79, right now it is 67, 70% chance of rain, wind 11mph... it is certainly a jacket, jeans, and tennies day for me :)

Well, the "sickness" has reached our floor. 4 girls are currently sick, and 2 girls (myself included) have the itchy throat coming on. Pray that it doesn't get too crazy out here!

Love you & miss you!

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