Thursday, January 5, 2012


Amy here!! Anna told me it was my turn to update the blog…and it’s been awhile since our last post, so here we go!!!
Amy & Anna
Anna says hi :) 

After a stressful finals week at school, we were happy with the way our grades turned out. Anna earned straight As and I got all As and 1 B. And the B was in New Testament. As Jon says, Concordia does not take religion lightly…(he got a B in that class too) haha.

We are still SO happy at CUNE and are so thankful with the friends and professors God has placed into our lives us. We know that we are at the right place. 

After finals we stayed with friends for a night in Omaha and flew home on Friday the 16th. We arrived to a beautiful, sunny & yet very windy SoCal day. We got off the plane and went into a little bit of a culture shock—didn’t get that when we came home for Thanksgiving, but definitely got it this time. Lots more people, lots more cars, and quite a different fashion scene haha.
We surprised Jen & Dad at Concordia University-Irvine with In-N-Out for lunch. Jen works in the admissions office at CUI & her boss told Anna and I that when we decide to transfer to CUI we need to call him. So we told him HAHA…yeah right :).

That night we went to a Jazz Christmas Concert at the Cerritos Performing Arts Center with The Essweins—can you say awesome?! The music was fantastic!

A few days later we went to our friends house for an ugly Christmas sweater party…that was fun to see all of our friends! And here is a shout out to the girls who made homemade sweaters—Mallory, Alicia and Katelyn—you ladies put us all to shame. Well done. :)
Sorry about the awkward glow on these camera was on the candlelight setting :/
Scott & Mallory
Anna, Scott, & Amy

Andrew & Mallory

Christmas Eve was amazing as always…our family’s tradition for Christmas Eve begins with eating soup & pop’s cinnamon rolls and then we open a few presents. Then mom is off to play for church service 1 and 2. In the meantime, the 5 of us watch a movie or two and drink hot cocoa. Then mom comes back from the second Christmas Eve service and we open up the rest of the presents. Mom always wins the prize of having the most gifts…we all say it’s because people love her the most! We sure do <3.  Then the whole family goes to the 11pm candlelight Christmas Eve service. Our whole family actually rang handbells in the alumni handbell group—that was fun—especially with mom directing. Then by the time we get home on Christmas Eve it is actually about 30 minutes into Christmas Day! The fam all gathers around the tree in the family room and sips coca & baileys and munch on Esswein toffee until we are all too tired to stay awake any longer.
Jon, Anna, Amy, & Jen

Then Christmas morning comes shortly after and the family opens up Santa’s gifts and then is off to Christmas Day church.

After church, we come home and begin cooking the feast. While cooking we got to cheer on our LAKERS!! Too bad they lost :(. BUT they have been doing pretty well since then. Anna gets a kick out of giving our college buddies a hard time about their teams when they loose. Here’s a shout out to Mason Carey… your Mavs beat the Suns!!
Anna, Jen, and Amy

It’s so fun finding out who everyone cheers for… smh at all you bandwagoners.

Then a few days after Christmas, we were visited by our cousins, Tim & Melina. Always a good time with the Fischers—they are the kind of cousins you just click  with…you know?
Then that night we got to go to our family cooking class! So much fun!! Mom was dancing in the kitchen (and that was before the drinking started!), Jen was making friends with “green shirt”, and Anna was getting comfy in the kitchen. I feel bad, but there isn’t anything particularly special or funny to say about Jon, Dad, and I—We simply did what we were told & had a lot of fun doing it :).
Amy & Anna

Chef Larry & his favorite cooking team ;)

On December 29th, Mom & Dad celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary!!!! Such great examples for us kids. They are the best mom and dad anyone could ever ask for.
Mom & Dad

We like pointing out to them that they were Jon’s age when they had Jon haha! They don’t think that is too funny.
January has given us a weird, warm winter, so we are soaking it up! We went to the beach a few times but never went in the water…It has to be a very hot day in July or August for me to do that!

this was before noon...crazy!

There has been some tears and sharing of memories while remembering Grandpa Schroeder and the first anniversary of his death on January 4th. Seems like death has been a theme for lots of our friends lately… doesn’t seem to get any easier, and although we know they are in a better place, it’s still hard.

I’ve started the January Photo-A-Day challenge… it has been really fun so far! Some are trickier than others, so we’ll see how creative I get in the days to come :). I’ll run it by Anna, but maybe I’ll post that on this blog too.

I’m looking forward to going back to school & seeing my friends but not ready to leave the family and our life here.

Seeing friends is always a reminder to be thankful for the time we have together 
and that life goes on without us… it’s hard to not be there for our high school senior friends—it’s such a big year for them and we aren’t there to cheer them on at their games or just there to listen to them when they need to talk.
And then some friends just change….some grow…. and some are in new relationships….
things are just a tad different from how they were when we left.

We have lost track of how many times we have Skyped with Concorida friends over break….so that can’t be a bad thing!
Google+ ing with Adam, Armani & Brittany :) 
Time to start packing, buy books & saddle up for next semester!! Crazy how time flies…before you know it, it’ll be summer and we will be cruising around the Caribbean!

Happy New Year everyone! Love you all!


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