Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Artifact Paper

In my Experiences in Writing Class (Eng 102) we had to write about an artifact (or object) that we brought with us to school that is special or important to us. I brought in a frame holding this picture of the me and my siblings at Mom and Dad's 25th Wedding Anniversary Surprise Party... I thought I'd share the short paper with you:

          Growing up with three sisters, I’m sure that my brother would tell you that we four kids could never get a good picture with just the first snapshot. One of us girls would always say, “oh, I don’t like that one” or “eww… I look gross.” Well, that was not the case with this picture. Two years ago, Amy, Jen, Jon, and I planned, put on, and succeed at throwing our parents a surprise 25th wedding anniversary party. We were just 4 kids in high school and college so as you can imagine it was difficult figuring out all the details, but we did it, and looking back on it now, I am amazed that we pulled it off. I still remember the text from Jen: she, and Mom and Dad, were on their way home from Jen’s basketball game at Concordia, Irvine. At that moment, I had no idea that this would be the one of the best memories in my life.
After being surprised, Mom and Dad were escorted upstairs to change into formal attire. Awaiting them at the bottom of the stairs was a second surprise: their bridal party and family from out of state were there. The shock on their faces was priceless. Jon, the oldest of us four, made a speech, we played a movie picture slideshow, and us four made a toast. Mom and Dad were crying. You could just see the love and happiness that surrounded them. Then, Dad gave a speech of thanks to all the guests, and the champagne was poured. My Mom repeatedly has said how wonderful that party was because it was the last time our whole family was together before Grandpa and Pastor Loesch died. “It was definitely a God thing,” as my Mom always says.
So, this picture that I have sitting on my desk at school is the picture of the happiest memory in my life. We weren’t worrying about how we looked in the picture; it was us, in true form: relaxed and having a wonderful time with the people we loved. 

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