Thursday, January 12, 2012

2nd Semester in Full Swing

Hey everyone... it's Anna here!
Well, we've been back for almost one week now and it's been great...
We flew into Omaha last Saturday night and stayed with Oz and Dani. It was great catching up with them :) Then, Oz drove us to Seward on Sunday when the dorms opened up.
Amy and I spent a good 3 hours unpacking, organizing, and cleaning. Then the crew started showing up! It felt like we all were coming back to our favorite summer camp and we were seeing our long time friends... pretty awesome.

This semester I am taking: New Testament, Calculus with Applications, Education Psychology and General Methods, Education 201-Intro to Education, Experiences in Writing, First Aid & CPR, Financial Literature, Women's Chorale, and Voice Lessons. 18 units... Yesterday I got my field experience assignment for Ed Psyc and I'm starting to feel the load. :/ I will be teacher aiding the entire semester for a 4th grade classroom at St. Vincent's Catholic School (in Seward) on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:45-9:45 (say goodbye to sleeping in). But, I like my professors and I have lots of friends in my classes, so I think it's going to be a good semester.
I also got a Student Job this week. I am doing data input for the Admissions Office. It'll be 8-10 hours a week. It seems very easy going- I get to pick when I want to work, so that's nice :)

Ladies 6v6 Intramural volleyball starts next week so Amy and I are excited for that :)

Currently Amy and I are trying to deal with the lack of Laker games shown out here, we are missing our couches at home, the daily naps we had over break, the 10+ hours of sleep each night, cuddle time with Jesse, and our dear friends and family. What has been nice though, Saturday-Tuesday we were experiencing a normal CA winter... high 50s and 60s (pretty awesome!). But, yesterday we had severe wind and right now my weather says it feels like -3... I think real winter (like the real deal) is coming... yikesers! Yeah Amy and I have no idea what's coming.

Here are a few of my favorite facebook posts friends have posted since being back at school:

"Even though sometimes I feel like I don't belong here God keeps giving me signs that I am supposed to be I'm Nebraska"
"48 points?? Dudes a beast, nuff said:]]"
"So I think all you locals Lied to me when you were telling me horror stories of snow and wind during the winter. To be honest, this is more like weather back home ;)"
"is just enjoying some time with my sweet nephew Kyler! :) Oh I love being an aunt!"
"dearest nebraska, your freezing temperatures and severe wind make my hands, legs, and face hurt............"
"so Tebow. 316 Yards Passing. 3.16 Yards Per Carry. John 3:16. Divine intervention much?"

Well, that's all for now... we'll try to update the blog more often this semester :) Miss you California! Miss you even more Jon, Jen, Mom, and Dad!

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