Monday, December 5, 2011

Hey yall!

In case you didn't already know, we have the best big brother in the world... Jon came out to surprise us and visit friends in Seward :) Jon lead devotions for the football team, took Amy and I to the Nebraska vs. Northwestern game at UNL, and even though the huskers lost we had the best time! GBR!

Here's a picture of me and my roomie Rachel. We dressed up for Halloween when little kiddos from Seward came trick-or-treating in our dorm :) I was attempting to be a brunette Cinderella and Rachel was tigger! 

We enjoyed coming home for Thanksgiving Break... My FYS teacher was right. It did feel a little weird staying in a room where all your favorite things are no longer there (they are back at school in the dorm!) and we did miss our friends terribly. Also, just when we were adjusted to being back in Cali, it was time to head back to Seward. But while we were home we enjoyed every minute of it... snuggling with Jesse, shopping with Mom and Jen, Dad's cinnamon rolls, thanksgiving dinner with the whole family, seeing Matt, Katie, and CJ at the teacher's convention in LB, and spending time with friends!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... here is my decorated dorm. We hung lights on our windows and beds and Mom gave us advent garland bags with a gift in each bag up until Christmas Day :) Mom gave our friends the advent bags too and they always look forward to opening it each day... thanks mom! 

On Saturday, the day of Christmas Concerts, we had our first snow! It is so beautiful :) You can see how much snow accumulated in just a couple hours...

I tweaked my ankle playing basketball with friends but thanks to the snow, I am able to make homemade ice packs haha :)

Christmas at Concordia!

Anna, Alexander, Molly, and Amy

Leah and Anna :)

more snow pictures :)

These are from Morgan's birthday! We love you Morgan!

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