Monday, April 9, 2012

amy's turn :)

Amy here! Anna told me it was my turn to write on the blog haha :)
We just came back to school after having a great Easter weekend! We really missed being at home and at Bethany for Easter (especially hearing mom's music!!) but it was really special being with Grandma & Gramps here, in Nebraska. They live in Western Nebraska (Seward is in Eastern Nebraska- for all you California readers) and we got to catch a ride with our friend, Derek, to Grandma and Gramps' for Easter. Hopefully we can put some pictures up from this past weekend up soon... I think our Aunt is going to email us some pictures and then we will be sure to share them with y'all ;)
It was great catching up with our cousins, Laura, Paul, James, and Mary.... and we can't even express how much our Uncle Neil reminds us of our Dad! After Easter dinner, we got to hear how Aunt Peggy and Uncle Neil met at CUNE and how Aunt Peggy had a crush on him forever- too cute...  :) 
Our cousin Laura is graduating from nursing school this semester and our cousin, Paul, is also graduating from HS this year, so we are very happy for them :) Exciting times!
Grandma and Gramps were just the best this weekend... I wish we could go there all the time! 

Girls Night Out!! Anna, Leah, Ciara, Amy & Morgan
SO much fun!!
Some other exciting news... I got chosen to be a W.O.W. leader, here at Concordia! So I am super excited! Lots of my friends got the position too, so it will be a great experience. I will basically help the new freshman hit the ground running and hopefully help them have a smooth transition into college :) As of today... it is 136 days until the freshman come to Concordia for their Weekend of Welcome... That doesn't seem far away at all! Another crazy thought.... We have this week of school, then next week is dead week, and then it's finals week. SO basically.... this upcoming weekend is our last, final, real COLLEGE weekend. Because the last two weekend we will probably be swamped in projects and studying for finals. 
It is definitely bitter-sweet that summer is right around the corner. 
Bitter part: We live in CA and almost all of our Concordia friends do not :'( they won't be right next door, or right down the hall from us.
Sweet part: being with family, CA friends, the beach, going on the Alaska mission trip, going on a cruise to the caribbean, and the fact that we have Skype, texting, and phone calls to keep up with our out-of-state friends daily :)

So... until we get some pictures from the weekend, here are some pictures that we've taken since our last blog post :) 

 Brittany's family came out for her outdoor track meet and they took us to Valentino's for a night out in Lincoln... It was really fun having her sisters spend the night in the dorm too :) Such a great family!
Anna, Brittany, & Amy

It was so great meeting all of Brittany's family!
The weekend before last, we to Morgan's home for supper and got to celebrate her Dad's and her brother's birthday with the family. It was so great! We got a little taste of home & felt so welcomed & loved by Morgan's family. Here are some pictures...

We got to meet Morgan's nephew, KYLER!! Such a cutie patootie :)

Us girls chillin around the family campfire! Such a great night :)
Anna, Morgan & Amy <3

Morgan's beautiful backyard :)
And here is a shout out to Jordan!! Here are some pictures from our friend's birthday! It was fun...Anna made Jordan an apple pie and we got to celebrate his birthday while watching the Kansas Kentucky game :)
Jordan's birthday pie made by Anna!

Trey, Jose, Anna, Amanda, Amy, Theo, Jordan, and Brittany 

Until next time... ¡adios amigos!
Hope you all had a great Easter!

Love ya,

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