Monday, May 7, 2012

Out of school, but still at school... 4 days to go

Yesterday, Amy and I turned 19! What started out as a very stressful morning (moving from David dorm to Esther dorm) turned out to be a wonderful day with our friends. After we were all moved in (Amy and I are sharing a room again) and put more things in storage, we took well deserved showers :), and then went to Dragon Palace for lunch with Jordan and Jillian. Then, we came back to campus, rested, and got ready to go out to dinner for our birthday. It's been really fun having Jill as our neighbor... we got ready together and she let us borrow her jewelry and hair flower. Then we headed to Granite City in Lincoln. We had such a good group...  Rachel, Brindie, Brittany, Trey, Katelyn, Jamie, Amanda, Sara, Mason, Jenna and Jillian. The friends we've made at Concordia have been such a blessing in our lives... we love you guys! After dinner, we drove back to Seward, talked with the family on the phone, stopped at Walmart to get snacks for the week, and then we rented a movie (birthday coupon from redbox-yeah yuh!) and watched it with the girls :) and, yes, it was a chick flick... what else?

Today I started my first day of RA training and Amy worked in the Admissions office. At the RA session we talked about our MBTI personality types. It was really interesting and I felt like my results really matched up well. I'm an ISTJ (Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, Judgement): " to write letters...loves to have a schedule...gets frustrated when there are no set plans...likes to stay organized...tends to be quiet...internalizes feelings..." Here's another interesting thing: out of the 50 RAs, I'm 1 of 4 who is an introvert. We also did a group activity and then looked through the RA handbook a little bit, but will do lots more training throughout the week. There is supposed to be games tonight, and then we'll start up again tomorrow at 2pm. The food in Janzow isn't great so far, but there were strawberries tonight :) And, there were some leftovers from the graduation lunch which were pretty good!

We are at that point where we are really ready to come home... just a few more days here, but I have a feeling it's going to be a long week :/ The best part in all of this though, is having free time with our friends... movies, conversations, hanging out, just enjoying the last days we have left together before we head home for the summer. 

The rest of the pictures are on facebook, so be sure to check them out!!

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