Tuesday, June 12, 2012

dedicated to the Dads & Grads

After ending our church choir season with an amazing service put on by mom & Dr. von Kampen, the ladies of the choir are now singing a few SSAA songs for Father's day, this Sunday...
While I was singing one of our pieces, "A Clare Benediction"
I couldn't help but think about how many people that I want to share these words with.

Here are the words to "A Clare Benediction". Here is a youtube link of it too-if you want to listen to it: http://youtu.be/UFyNvOdKPRM

May the Lord show his mercy upon you;
may the light of his presence be your guide:
May he guard you and uphold you;
may his spirit be ever by your side.
When you sleep may his angels watch over you;
when you wake may he fill you with his grace:
May you love him and serve him all your days
Then in heaven may you see his face.
May the Lord's loving kindness surround you;
keep you safe as you journey on your way:
May he lead you and inspire you
as he grants you the gift of each new day.
May he bless all your loved ones and cherish them;
Every friend, every stranger at your door:
In the name of his Son our Savior Christ
May God bless you now and evermore.
  • My older sister, Jen. She is moving to Michigan to teach Jr. High at a Lutheran school and is becoming an official grown-up! ;) Going to such a new & far away place...
    and before I know it, I'll only get to see her as little as I get to see Jon :'(
  • us 4 kids
  • 3 of my bestest friends graduating High School this week- Scott, Ryan & Austin. You guys are starting a new chapter in your lives & I am so excited for you!!
Anna, Amy & Scott

Jake, Amy, Ryan & Anna
Scott & Pops...future Irvine buds :)

Anna, Austin & Amy

  • I think of my dear friend, and mentor, Maureen as she is now retired & gets to rejoice in spending more time with her family...also a new chapter in her life.
  • Papa Jim, Amy, Maureen & Anna
  • Sarah Fink who will be joining Anna and I next year at Concordia University- Nebraska!! Sarah- you are going to absolutely love it! Can't wait to bump into you in the dorm and see you every day!!
Sarah, Ryan, Mrs. Fink, Amy & Anna

  • My mom & dad, will be officially "empty nesters" once August comes around. They keep telling us kids they only had about 2 years together before Jon came along, but other than that they've always had children as a constant in their daily lives. It'll be new & different... but I know they are going to embrace their freedom... and who knows... maybe they'll visit Anna and I more! :)

Mom & Pops at the CUI Gala....looking great! (If I do say so myself!)

  • I think of all the recent CUNE graduates (and all graduates) as they begin their new lives as well... be it at the workplace or in graduate school.
  • My cousins Tim & Melina and Matt, Katie, & CJ. They are all moving to new places and starting new jobs & I pray that they will be at peace through it all and be blessed by their new communites..... (btw-when is the next reunion?!) :) 
  • My cousin, Karen who is also heading into her freshman year of college. You are going to love every minuet! Have fun shopping for your dorm room & we're here if you have any questions about what to pack :) Can't wait to see you at Christmas & hear how your first semester went!!
Jon, Anna, Dan, Tim, Matt, Jen, Katie, & Amy
Jen, Amy, Tim, Melina & Anna
CJ & Great Uncle Gary :)

Talk to you later, everyone!

And here's to the best dad ever!! Happy Father's day, Pops! 
Pops, Amy, Jon, Anna & Jen

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