Monday, March 26, 2012

moments to remember...

Well, we haven't posted in a while, so I (Anna) am going to take a few minutes here to let you know how things are going out here in the good life :) Last time we posted all we could see was snow on the ground, but now, we have green grass and flowers blooming! The weather the past few days has been amazing... mostly high 70s! Tanning (and burning) weather for sure :) So, because of the changing of the seasons, I thought it was appropriate to change the colors and homepage of the blog :) Enjoy reading...

Amy and I have been a little homesick lately... While we are at school we miss our family and friends from home, but when we are home we miss all our college friends... too bad you can't be in two places at once! Our final days of freshman year are approaching... can you believe we only have 5 weeks left? Summer approaching is definitely bitter sweet. We got news that some of our friends won't be coming to Concordia next year :( We'll miss them, but I know we'll stay in touch... that's why I love this quote :) 

These are some fun pictures we took on valentine's day :)

Happy Birthday Isaiah! Isaiah's mom ordered him a cake from DQ so we ate that while watching the Laker game on his birthday :)

Latest addition to the dorm room, KOBE!

Nice pic of Jen and Anna at the Night of Hope Phil Wickham Concert during Spring Break at Concordia-Irvine.

dogs are pretty smart...  Jesse wasn't too excited when we started packing. I think she knew something was up :( Miss ya pooch!

No Frills in Papillion! haha

This past Saturday, Amanda, Amy, and I explored Omaha... had to make a visit at UNO - what a beautiful campus! While we were in Omaha, we also visited Old Town and we each bought a "One Line a Day" 5 year memory journal. Each day, we write down a line or two to sum up the day... we are so excited to have this which will contain memories from the rest of our college years, and the beginnings of life on our own :)

We had lunch at Paradise Bakery... yum! Our family would always stop here when we'd fly in and out of Omaha when we came to visit Jon at CUNE. The cookies are so good!

Saturday night, Amanda, Amy, and I went to Trader Joe's and made one of our favorite meals: pesto pizza, salad, and breadsticks! 

Anna, Brittany, and Amy on Sunday Afternoon... sun dresses are a must for this 70 degree weather!

Amy and Britt (future sophomore roomies!) :)

Anna and Amanda <3

the girls!

Classes have been going well. Right before Spring Break we were loaded with papers, projects, and lots of assignments, but things seem to be slowing down now. We are trying to soak up as much time with our friends as we can... 5 more weekends isn't a lot! 

Amy and I just finished mapping our four year plans (or in my case, 4-1/2 year plan). It took us a while to figure out all the classes we need to take, and then find out which semesters those classes are offered. But it's nice to know that we have that all figured out (thanks for your help Amanda!). Our next step is to meet with our advisors and make sure we didn't miss anything. Right now it looks like Amy is double majoring with a minor, and I am a secondary ed LTD major, with math and theology concentrations. It's crazy, but it is impossible for me to graduate in four years... that's alright, though. Jon always says that college was the best, and that we should stay in there as long as we can ;)

I finished reading the Hunger Games last week... really good! Can't wait to see the movie. Right now I am reading The Guardian and Amy is reading The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks. We are suckers for a good love story :) haha.

Good news, I am going to be an RA next year. Concordia has a great team of RAs lined up for next year (including 3 other girls from my hall, and some other friends too). I am going to be in David again, this time SE wing, first floor (which will be renovated this summer - yay!), with upperclassmen! Good news especially for mom and dad, as I'll be getting free housing :)

A big congrats goes out to sister Jen who just accepted her call to teach at a Lutheran School in Michigan! We are so excited and happy for her! It is weird to think about how far we all will be from each other next year... California, Nevada, Michigan, and Nebraska! Next year Mom and Dad will be true empty nesters :(

Right now I'm in second place in my hall's NCAA March Madness Bracket... I had Michigan St going all the way, but obviously that's not going to happen haha, but I might still win :)

Yesterday Morning our choir, Women's Chorale, sang at Our Redeemer Lutheran, in Staplehurst. It was nice visiting another church, and we really enjoyed singing for them. Then, in the afternoon, Amy and I went to the A Cappella Concert at St. John. A Cap just got back from their 2012 Texas Tour. They did amazing, as usual. My favorite piece they sang was sung in Russian, "Svete tihiy." It is so fun to see and listen to our friends sing, especially Molly! Amy and I are looking forward to the day that we'll be in A Cappella :) 

Sara's birthday is on Wednesday so we are going to Lincoln to celebrate! Happy Birthday hun!

That's all for now... talk to you soon.
Love, Anna

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